The Highly Skilled Migrant salaries 2019 have been published. These salaries are also applied within the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) policy. The European Blue Card salary level for 2019 has also been published.

Highly Skilled Migrant Salaries 2019

Here are the Highly Skilled Migrant salaries 2019:

  • Highly Skilled Migrants (or ICT) 30 years old and above: EUR 4.500,00 per month
  • Highly Skilled Migrants (or ICT) under 30 years old: EUR 3.299,00 per month
  • Highly Skilled Migrants (or ICT) recently graduated: EUR 2.364,00 per month
  • European Blue Card: EUR 5.272,- per month.

The salaries are excluding a mandatory holiday allowance of 8%.

Working with the Highly Skilled Migrant Salaries 2019

Companies using the Highly Skilled Migrant policy must keep in mind the following basic rules:

1. The salaries are absolute benchmarks. Part-time work for a Highly Skilled Migrant is not permissible if this brings the total salary below the norm.

2. A Highly Skilled Migrant needs to receive his or her net salary by bank and strictly on a monthly basis. At all times, the gross salary must meet the required minimum.

3. The salaries of highly skilled migrants already employed need not be raised at the start of 2019. To avoid too much complexity and simplify immigration compliance, employers could voluntarily decide to bring all highly skilled migrant salaries up to the requisite norms of 2019.

4. We stronly advise against any return payments from the employee back to the employer if these return payments could raise any doubts at all about the initial salary payments. In an earlier case Mynta Law has handled, we had to take the IND to court over this issue.

5. Highly Skilled Migrant salaries, even if compliant with the applicable norms, must still be objectively competitive. Even though this issue is not routinely checked by the IND, employers are advised to take note of this.

Questions about the Highly Skilled Migrant salaries 2019?

For any questions about the application of the highly skilled migrant policy, the ICT policy or other employment-based immigration rules, you may contact Arend van Rosmalen.